At myCafé Insurance we love to get to know our clients. We truly value the personal service we provide, just as we all value the great service we receive from our local coffee shops. So we wanted to use this opportunity to introduce to you some of our wonderful café clients, so you can get to know them too.




Café name?

Lucky’s Cafe

Owner name?

Basil Aiwunu-Akute

Where to visit?

93 Queen Street, St Mary’s NSW 2760


We asked Basil a couple of fun get to know you questions…


What is your café known for i.e. theme, most popular dish / drink?

“Coffee, sandwiches, roast (port, beef, chicken), hot food, beverages.”

What is your perfect coffee?

“Cappuccino with no sugar.”

Funniest coffee order?

“Espresso with 4 extra shots of coffee.”

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Grilled fish with rice together with well roasted beef.”

In your words, why do you take out insurance?

“To protect my investment for the unforeseen.”


Thanks for your time Basil.


We look forward to introducing more of our café clients so you can “meet” them too.