We love a good coffee here at Cafe Insurance and we hope that by introducing some to you some of our wonderful café clients that you might find a good spot to enjoy a brew too!


Café name?

The Perfect Peach Cafe

Owner name?

Vivian Lim

Where to visit?

1/80 Walters Drive, OSBORNE PARK WA 6017




We asked Vivian a couple of fun get to know you questions…


What is your café known for i.e. theme, most popular dish / drink?

“Homemade foods and lovely service”

What is your perfect coffee?

“Freshly made flat white”

Funniest coffee order?

“Decaf cappuccino without the chocolate powder…

…it’s a latte then”

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Homemade pho (Vietnamese noodle soup)”

In your words, why do you take out insurance?

“Peace of mind”


Thanks for your time Vivian.