myCafé Insurance is Australia’s leading insurance provider for cafés. We all love a good coffee so we hope that by introducing some of our fantastic café clients you might find a new coffee spot to enjoy!


Café name?

Luscious Kiki Cakes

Owner name?


Where to visit?

16 Sydenham Road, Brookvale NSW 2100



We asked Kiki a couple of fun get to know you questions…


What is your café known for i.e. theme, most popular dish / drink?

“Luscious is known as Sydney’s premier lamington store (SMH call Kiki, “Sydney’s Lamington Queen”).”

What is your perfect coffee?

“Short macchiato.”

Funniest coffee order?

“1/4 shot coffee, half soy milk & half hot water.”

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Nutella Induced Coma Lamington – double choc mud lamington with a smear of nutella, chocolate dip & chocolate coconut.”

In your words, why do you take out insurance?

“Hospitality is one of those industries where you have to try & imagine every possible outcome. Insurance is for those things you can’t possibly anticipate!”


Thanks for your time Kiki.