Cafes have become a part of Australia’s social fabric over the last few years. Not only are we a country of coffee drinkers, but many of us are now demanding the expertise which you can only get from a cafe barista.

All over Australia, cafes have really taken off, we are all spending more money on a quality cup of coffee or light meal. Cafes have now become an integral part of the city’s food and beverage sector and an example of the laid back lifestyle residents enjoy in Perth.

However, behind the relaxed atmosphere, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the tinkle of coffee cups and saucers, there are a range of hazards which can seriously undermine your hard work.

Your premises, equipment and stock will all be under permanent risk. The loss of business stock can not only create big costs, it can also leave your business unable to function for days, or even weeks.

Broken equipment can also be a big blow to your business. A broken coffee machine or dishwasher is very expensive to replace, leaving your business unable to function properly.

In every cafe there is the permanent danger posed by your employees or customers suffering injuries because of unforeseen circumstances. Many businesses face unfortunate events like employee fraud which can cost your business a lot of money. In these situations, your business will be faced with mounting costs and a significant blow to your reputation.

With the cafe scene so competitive, closing for even a few days can drive your valuable customers to other cafes, making it harder to recover from even a minor equipment fault or loss of stock.

If things go wrong in your business, and you don’t have the right insurance cover, you’ll soon find you need more than a strong cappuccino.